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To join Triple Divide Caretakers, send requests to Please provide a short clear reason for your wanting to join the group and we’ll send word soon with details.

3 thoughts on “Join TDC

  1. I was just appointed to PaTrout Unlimited advisory board. We will be updating our White paper on fracking in Pa. Range has already inserted one of their people to the committee. Headwaters are crucial to all waters downstream and especially brook trout. That is the state fish.

    • Hi Bob, thanks for reaching out about PA Trout Unlimited’s advisory board. We hope you’re group will take the time to watch some of our members work on the upcoming fracking documentary, Triple Divide, which investigates natural gas activity along HQ & EV watersheds of the state. Please see to contact the filmmakers for a showing.

      The Brook Trout is an amazing species within Triple Divide headwaters. We hope to do our part in making sure its habitat grows ever stronger. One of our members was at the headwaters of the Allegheny River this past September and witnessed more than 30 brook trout in the only exposed pocket of water in a golden rod field found behind the sign of this photograph: — about one mile downstream sits the Dunn Well Pad.

      Would the PaTrout Unlimited Advisory Board be interested in hearing a presentation from Triple Divide Caretakers on the Fracking Waste Treatment Facility scheduled for construction within the Genesee River EV headwaters at Ludington Run? (also an Environmental Justice Zone)

  2. I have reviewed a trailer of tripple divide this past Saturday at the Harrisburg Hilton. The mountains and waterways are a true American treasure. More importantly are the people who are passing through this life who enter this wonderful area. Breathing the fresh air, drinking the cold spring water, the thrill of seeing a white tail deer, the beauty of the wildflowers, and sharing all this with someone you love is a treasure beyond all wealth. You are doing Gods work in protecting it. Why anyone would want to destroy this for profit is beyond belief.

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